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O.M.R Salassa Torino


The molds are made in various production lines, all extensively analyzed and verified in order to obtain a well-defined and optimal product. OMR carries out hot forging of steel and other metals from a few grams up to large quantities, thus managing to satisfy the request for lots of different sizes.


OMR's technical-production support is also characterized by an adequate fleet of machines and mainly makes use of:

- EDM and CNC milling machines for the construction of the moulds;

- presses, hammers, rockers and electric upsetting machines of various weights and powers, for the molding of parts from 0.5 kg to 200 kg, which, depending on the request, can also be supplied complete with heat and surface treatment.


OMR Officine Meccaniche Riunite is the company from Salassa, in the province of Turin, specialized in hot forging of steel. The processes are intended for the most varied sectors, from industrial to automotive, from construction to agriculture: you can request information and estimates by contacting the number 0124 360705.


The hot forging of metals allows to modify its structural characteristics, allowing a forging that is perfectly adaptable to all shapes and extremely resistant to tensions and loads.


The Turin-based company, thanks to its advanced production plant, is able to produce molded parts of various sizes, as well as in any quantity. In this way it is able to best respond to every customer need. The collaboration with expert and trained personnel allows OMR to take care of every phase of hot forging of steel, from design to production, up to final quality control. The molding activity can also be carried out on the basis of drawings made by third parties.

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